Wood Sprites

Wood Sprites Series called both ElfHome and Tinker vol regardless Even though they attend a school of gifted students in New York City child geniuses Louise Mayer and her twin sister Jillian have always felt al

  • Title: Wood Sprites
  • Author: Wen Spencer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 277
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Series called both ElfHome and Tinker vol.4 regardless.Even though they attend a school of gifted students in New York City, child geniuses Louise Mayer and her twin sister Jillian have always felt alone in the world, isolated by their brilliance Shortly before their ninth birthday, they make an amazing discovery They re not alone.Their real mother was astronaut Esme SSeries called both ElfHome and Tinker vol.4 regardless.Even though they attend a school of gifted students in New York City, child geniuses Louise Mayer and her twin sister Jillian have always felt alone in the world, isolated by their brilliance Shortly before their ninth birthday, they make an amazing discovery They re not alone.Their real mother was astronaut Esme Shenske and their father was the famous inventor, Leonardo Dufae They have an older sister, Alexander, living on the planet of Elfhome, and four siblings still in cryogenic storage at the fertility center There s only one problem the frozen embryos are scheduled to be destroyed within six months The race is on to save their baby brother and sisters.As a war breaks out on Elfhome and riots start in New York City, the twins use science and magic to plow over everything standing in their way But when they come face to face with an ancient evil force, they re soon in over their heads in danger.At the publisher s request, this title is sold without DRM Digital Rights Management.John W Campbell Award Winner Wen Spencer s love of Japanese anime and manga flavors her writing Her novel Tinker won the 2003 Sapphire Award for Best Science Fiction Romance and was a finalist for the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award for Fantasy Novel Her Wolf Who Rules was a Top Pick by Romantic Times and given their top rating of four and a half stars Other Baen books include space opera thriller Endless Blue and Elfhome, third entry in the Tinker series.About Wen Spencer s Elfhome series Spencer s intertwining of current Earth technology and otherworldly elven magic is quite ingenious BooklistAbout Wen Spencer Wit and intelligence inform this off beat, tongue in cheek fantasy Furious action good characterization, playful eroticism and well developed folklore lift this well above the fantasy average Buffy fans should find a lot to like in the book s resourceful heroine Publishers Weekly on series debut TinkerThe Elfhome SeriesTinkerWolf Who RulesElfhomeWood Sprites

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    1. A tormented 5 stars!Why!? Why has Wen Spencer done this to her poor defenceless readers?! This entry brings us to a point where we need the next book - it's so clearly going to be epic, but now we have to wait! For the love of Nora, I'm so freakin' desperate for the next book NOW! Uhh-humm. OK. So, this could conceivably be read as a standalone and not book 4. I think you would lose a lot of the intrinsic awesomeness, but it could - the girls are on earth, they're not exactly part of books 1, 2 [...]

    2. I saw this on Netgalley when I was reading the second book in the Ukiah Oregon series which I was enjoying tremendously. I have to say I liked this book even better. I haven't read the first three books in this series yet, but I followed along easily from just reading the synopsizes of the first three.I have to say even though there was faeries, elves, dragons, talking robot dogs, and a whole lot of amazing things and what I enjoyed the most was that Wen Spencer did such a beautiful job in makin [...]

    3. Wen Spencer creates very unique worlds and characters. This series, and this book, are no exceptions to that. The series and book are exceptionally good. Two 9 year old twin girls wreck havoc on thousands of years old elves, hundreds of years old halflings, and society in general. I loved it!! 7/4/16 re-read: Superb, mind bogglingly enjoyable!

    4. The fourth in the Elfhome series, this is not a continuation of the ongoing storyline, but a parallel story overlapping with Tinker and Wolf Who Rules. As such, it would be an acceptable entry point to the series, although the reading experience would be quite different for someone without the background of the other books.Twin geniuses Louise and Jillian turn nine the week they blow up their playhouse with flour while filming a video about elves. Soon thereafter, they learn that their parents g [...]

    5. I received this Kindle ARC through NetGalleyI’ve been Ms. Spencer’s fan since I read her Ukiah Oregon books. Her Tinker (my review /review/show) is one of my favorite fantasy novels. When I saw this book on NetGalley, I jumped at the opportunity to read and review it.The novel takes place at exactly the same time as Tinker but in a different city, New York, and with different protagonists. Louise and Jillian are nine-year-old genius twin sisters, attending a school for the gifted children. W [...]

    6. This highly anticipated (by me!) book #4 in the Elfhome series is all about two girls who discover that they were 'leftover' embryos related to Tinker, the heroine of the first 3 books. The timeline runs concurrent with said 3 novels in a meticulous way that makes me be grateful to Ms. Spencer. Too many times, authors seem careless of the headaches they give their readers with shoddy craftsmanship!I loved this novel! The action is non-stop and events are heartbreaking, giving us a glimpse of the [...]

    7. I adore this book! Takes the time period of Tinker through Elfhome -- with the POV of characters on Earth. Goes through the reactions & reveals the machinations of Oni that infiltrated the multiple layers of government.At the same time, it still provides heart, humor, action & drama as you would expect from Tinker's 9 year old genius sisters. ;) I seriously cannot wait for both sides to meet!Last read: Jun 23 2016Oct 10 2015April 5 2015Aug 6 2014

    8. Wen Spencer has been one of my favorites since the first book in this series, Tinker. This book continues to live up to the promise of the other three in this collection. The book's timeline runs along side Tinker and has spoilers for that story, so I would recommend reading them in the order they were published. (Which is Tinker, Wolf Who Rules, Elfhome, then this one.)The world-building is as bright and shiny, as easy to visualize as ever. The main character, twin Louise is understandable, som [...]

    9. This book approaches the Elfhome story from the Earth side, and covers a timeline that includes the first three books and ends at approximately the time that Elfhome does. The primary characters are twins whose embryos were stolen from the same batch of fertilized eggs from which Tinker was taken. Once they realize that they have unborn siblings, the set out on a mission to save them from disposal.This is an awesome tour de force, and fills in details behind the series as a whole while providing [...]

    10. Very good tale of two twins in New York City who are from the same batch of fertilized eggs as Tinker, only implanted a decade later.

    11. I really hope there's a future to this series. I enjoyed the heck out of this series!

    12. The next book in the series this one is following two genius girls who are sisters to Tinker. It is set at the same time as the first two books and I suggest reading the short story Pittsburgh home and garden, as well, before reading this next installment.Two super brilliant girls are about to have their world turned up side down. Not only are their parents not really their parents, but they have sisters and a brother that will be destroyed if they don't save them. This seems like a monumental t [...]

    13. Wood Sprites is Wen Spencer's fourth book in the Tinker series, and yet it is the first book that doesn't actually feature Tinker. Instead, this is a book written from the point of view of two nine year old twin sisters, Louise and Jillian. The novel starts a few months before the first Tinker book, but is told from Earth instead of Pittsburgh or Elfhome.Louise and Jillian aren't your normal nine year old children. Born from the leftover embryos that weren't needed for Tinker's birth, the girls [...]

    14. Re-read after reading the first three books. This one is the best of them all, because the two protagonists work together instead of doing their own thing and spending hardly any time together at all. More fun on the re-read because I had back-story for a lot of people.+++This is the fourth book in a series, I read none of the previous.This book was so much fun!!!Start off with nine-year-old twins blowing up their play-house. It wasn't quite a mistake, they wanted to blow up their barbie doll fo [...]

    15. So clever - the twins were a surprising treat. Shifting focus to Earth and whole new characters was a bold choice that paid off. The twins were a delight - their brainy schemes brilliant - yet for them, matter of fact. Splicing the action b/w the girls trying to act like nine years olds, save their unborn siblings and the world - worked well. Loved the whole video side business of Lemon Lime.Towards the end things shot off in a decidedly wacky way. Suddenly characters are dead - with no more tha [...]

    16. I haven't read any of the other books in the Elfhome series (yet), but I received this as an arc at ALA. When I read the back and saw it was about two 9 year olds, I immediately thought that it wouldn't really interest me. I started paging through the beginning anyway, just flipping to random sections, to get a feel for the author's writing style and surprisingly I was hooked! I had to go back to the beginning and read the whole thing and I didn't put it down until 5am! Don't let the age of the [...]

    17. 9-year-old twins, siblings of Tinker with the same manic genius = look out world! Louise and Jillian were a hoot, their minds working at warp speed on projects ranging from the class play to saving their sisters. In some ways this book is almost a secret history of the first two Tinker books, as it takes place during the same timeline, but in New York instead of Pittsburgh. (Though I definitely recommend reading the books in order. Wood Sprites references events in Tinker and Wolf Who Rules and [...]

    18. I bought this as an ARC from Baen. Having such young point of view characters is an interesting choice. I'm not sure I believed everything they did because it was intermixed with a certain lack of knowledge that you would normally expect for that age. I like the characters a lot though, and love how they are seeing the events of the previous books from the outside, and how pieces fit together.

    19. I've been keeping so busy that it took me forever to finish this, but it's the only book I actually managed to finish lately. It is a retelling of the previous books from a different perspective, so the events of the other books are there in the background, but we get details about what was happening on Earth, rather than Elfhome at the time. Looking forward to the next installment!

    20. Like all Wen Spencer’s books, this was an absorbing page-turner. Very imaginative world-building and I love the way she integrates the magic into the world. But - I thought the ending was a bit of an anticlimax, with infodumps galore on everyone’s motivations, and I just ended up feeling rather confused.

    21. This is a great installment in the Elfhome series. It took me a while at the beginning to place when the action was going on and who the players were (not the twins, but everyone else), but once it got going I really enjoyed it.

    22. 2.5-3 starsHonestly I don't know what to make of Ms. Spencer's series. This latest novel continues a fun fantasy series that I have enjoyed following. The only problem is that each book says its part of the series but as an author Ms. Spencer seems to rewrite items from previous novels as needed.Between book 1 and 2 we somehow re-write the time spent at court so that Tinker as the pivot apparently gets shown everything she wants and it sounds as if the court catered to her every whim. When I tho [...]

    23. A slow start, which picked up when the twin's connection to Tinker was revealed. Or rather when it clicked for me. Been so long since I read the previous books I forgot Tinker was Alexander Graham Bell.Felt like it ended on a cliffhanger. I mean, they safely made it to Elfhome, but Louise and Jullian still haven't met their sister.

    24. The book wasn't bad, but runs in parallel to the other stories , it doesn't add on to the store of tinker but stands on it's own. It appears to be a run up to another book set in the tinker story line. I wish is stood out better or the characters did more, it was all very alice in wonderland the white knight running in place.

    25. Loved the first 3 books so much, but this book was a complete failure for me. The entire thing felt like being on a birthday party with 9-year olds in hyper-mode after too much sugar. Yes, there are twist and turns and you can feel the style from the previous books, but I wish I hadn't read it.

    26. I like the parallel of this story to the main story.I like the parallel of this story to the "main" story. It will be interesting to see how Ms Spencer weaves the two together.

    27. I liked this book of the Elfhome series the best, tho you should read it last to understand what's going on.

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