The Disappearance of Emily H.

The Disappearance of Emily H A girl who can see the past tries to save the future in this compelling tween mystery A girl is missing Three girls are lying One girl can get to the truth Emily Huvar vanished without a trace And the

  • Title: The Disappearance of Emily H.
  • Author: Barrie Summy
  • ISBN: 9780385907903
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A girl who can see the past tries to save the future in this compelling tween mystery A girl is missing Three girls are lying One girl can get to the truth Emily Huvar vanished without a trace And the clues are right beneath Raine s fingertips Literally Raine isn t like other eighth graders One touch of a glittering sparkle that only Raine can see, and she s sweptA girl who can see the past tries to save the future in this compelling tween mystery A girl is missing Three girls are lying One girl can get to the truth Emily Huvar vanished without a trace And the clues are right beneath Raine s fingertips Literally Raine isn t like other eighth graders One touch of a glittering sparkle that only Raine can see, and she s swept into a memory from the past If she touches enough sparkles, she can piece together what happened to Emily When Raine realizes that the cliquey group of girls making her life miserable know than they re letting on about Emily s disappearance, she has to do something She ll use her supernatural gift for good to fight evil But is it too late to save Emily Sparkling praise for THE DISAPPEARANCE OF EMILY H The Disappearance of Emily H has everything a quirky, believable heroine, a complex mystery that keeps you guessing, and even a touch of the paranormal Readers won t put this one down until the final sparkle Gordon Korman, 1 New York Times bestselling author An extra special extrasensory suspense story with unexpected twists and turns Eric Walters, author of The Rule of Three An involving mystery thriller with a touch of fantasy and just a hint of romance Booklist Realistically captures the quiet horror of bullying the mystery of Emily s whereabouts unfolds with gripping tension and a dramatic conclusion PW Magic exposes the extent of vicious school bullying in this arresting middle school mystery Kirkus Reviews Will be well received a scary expos on the power of cell phones and the Internet in high schools VOYAFrom the Hardcover edition.

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    1. Actual Rating 3.5What makes this book so tricky is my grown up mind (at least in comparison to the intended audience). It’s absolutely adorable but I also felt like it was trying to be more mature than it was because it was dealing with so many important issues. There were some pretty intense plot twists but I found myself giggling instead of being shocked because the book is too cute for me to gasp at yet if I were younger, I would definitely be gasping and thinking about how frickin awesome [...]

    2. Raine isn't happy that her mother has moved them again, escaping from another not-so-nice boyfriend and "starting over". It means a new school, and fitting it, which is especially hard for Raine, since she has the ability to pick up "sparkles" and be able to read a person's memory. On her first day in her new school, she meets Shirlee, who has never been to a public school, having been homeschooled by her conservative mother. They get along well, but both of them end up on the wrong side of the [...]

    3. I'll admit it to you here, the reasons why I picked this book up are more personal than anything. My girlfriend's name is in fact Emily H. I took it as a sign to read this one. In short, it's a cute, quick read that I think younger audiences than me would appreciate more.One of the big things that this book has going for it is the blending of realistic fiction and fantasy. It's really detailed and well-written as a realistic fiction. That is, there's a girl who is missing and a mystery to solve. [...]

    4. This easy-to-read mystery is set at a realistic middle school, but the clues are paranormal. It delivers a strong lesson about the dangers of bullying. The well paced plot was stacked with clues that will keep kids turning the pages to the scary climax.The Disappearance of Emily H. has an entertaining cast of kids. The mean girl was a bit too generic, but the other characters were well developed and multifaceted. I especially liked the inclusion of a formerly homeschooled girl and children from [...]

    5. Raine's mom is a mover. When things get tough, she gets moving. This did not affect Raine who lived with her grandmother until she was 6, when Grandma died. Then a stable life slipped away from Raine as her mom swept in and took her along for the ride.One thing Raine shared with Grandma is a magical ability to read memories that can linger on objects. Raine's fingers tingle to touch the 'sparkles' of memory that she sees all around her. Obviously she does not want this to be common knowledge or [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this quick read. It was suspenseful and emotional and funny. Will be a very good addition to my middle school library!

    7. I enjoyed the first two-thirds of this book, but then my enjoyment lessened during the last portion as various unlikely events occurred. Eighth grader Raine is sick of moving from town to town as her mother leaves behind a series of bad relationships with me. Although she hopes this latest move from Detroit to Yielding will be the last one, she is pretty doubtful that this will be the case. While keeping one eye on her mother in case she falls into yet another unhealthy relationship, Raine finds [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book!! I bought a copy of it at Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego during their anniversary celebration. I also got the opportunity to meet the author!! What an awesome person!! This is the first grade school book I've read and I have to say it is written better than some of the adult books I've read. I liked the main character Raine (and not just because that is the name of my character in my bookLOL). I like how she was able to stand up to the mean girls not only for herself, [...]

    9. I liked the book wasn't a bad book at all.I was just really disappointed in the behavior of eighth graders,particularly in how they try to ''get back'' at one of the bossier girls.

    10. Raine and her mother move around a lot. After being in 5 different schools in 3 years, Raine hopes that Yielding is a place that will stick. They move into a bright pink house that is full of mystery. The family that lived there before suffered a loss - their daughter Emily disappeared one night on her way to a sleepover. Raine is special, though. She collects memories that she finds all over town in an attempt to solve the mystery that has been plaguing the town for months.SPOILERS AHEAD!Emily [...]

    11. When 13-year-old Raine transfers to her eighth school in five years (thanks to her mom's penchant for dating losers then leaving town when things inevitably go bad), she becomes one of the targets of the mean girl clique. But because Raine has the ability to see the memories of other people, she quickly learns that the mean girls know more about the disappearance of their classmate Emily Hovar than they're saying. While Raine privately tries to solve the mystery of what became of Emily, she also [...]

    12. Raine and her mother move frequently so Raine is used to being the new girl at school. This time they've moved from Detroit to Yielding, New York. Raine is a runner so at least she always has the track team to hook up with.On the first day at Yielding Middle School Raine meets another new student. Shirlee's always been home-schooled so this is the first regular school she's ever attended. It takes less than an hour for Shirlee to become the target of the school's queen bee and her followers.The [...]

    13. Another Louisiana Young Readers' Choice nominee that was picked for our fall book club by 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. This read like a typical LYRC nominee to me -- a young girl who is dealing with far too much for her age also has some sort of magical power that will help her solve a crazy mystery. I died of secondhand embarrassment every time Raine reached out to grab a 'sparkle' off of someone. Also, I think I would have enjoyed this more if it hadn't gone from zero to sixty in the last [...]

    14. Overall the book was interesting. I read it in 2 days, but honestly it was just a super easy read. I may be too old for this book, in that it takes place in a middle school setting with middle school characters. If I was in middle school, I may have thought this book was amazing. Overall there were some suspenseful parts that I was not expecting. I found it interesting that she could read memories, I just feel as if the author could have found a way to make it less child-like. sparkles? I think [...]

    15. I really liked the main character, Raine, her spunk, her drive, her working with the memories, and the pace of the book kept me turning pages. Because of the mean girl situations and one in particular even more frightening than those, this will be one I'll hold out for awhile on for my own girls.

    16. This is a really quick read, and it's sooo middle school. This story has a bully, teen love, teen possession, not one but two new kids, a missing girl, revenge, a criminal, paranormal ability, clueless teachers, and a mom trying to change. There's something for everyone.

    17. 3.5 I enjoyed this story, but the ending didn't feel quite right which keeps me from rating it higher. It felt a bit rushed, I would have liked a bit more explanation of how things worked out.

    18. I'm weird when it comes to Middle Grade books. Most of the time they disappoint me because they'll either be too boring or they'll be slightly too juvenile for my tastes. It takes a lot for a children/middle grade book (that's not a classic) to impress me. And while I did find The Disappearance of Emily H to have more than its fair share of flaws, I did enjoy reading it and wouldn't categorize it as a waste of time.The Good: The Disappearance of Emily H was the farthest thing from boring. It pre [...]

    19. A great mix of paranormal and mystery fiction, this book really held my attention until the very end. Some tough bullying scenes plus lots of well-developed characters make this a top middle school pick.

    20. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I went into this book thinking it would be a cute little story with maybe a bit of action; the cover sort of infers that, does it not? And the opening paragraphs made me think that perhaps I was right. But no, this book surprised me for the better. It was so good.Raine surprised me. First, for a stupid reason; I’d forgotten that she had paranormal powers because it had been a month between reading the blurb and then actually [...]

    21. The book's main character is Raine, 13. She's in 8th grade. She and her mother have just moved to Yielding. Her mother is famous for her "fresh starts" and this one feels no different for Raine. Its just a matter of time before her mother is back into the same boyfriend cycle of other towns they've lived. However new places mean new memories for Raine to collect. Raine has a special power of spotting sparkles on objects. When she grabs them she is able to see a memory attached to that item or pl [...]

    22. The Disappearance of Emily H. Barrie Summy May 12 2015This is a Netgalley review, eBook free in exchange for an honest review.So this is a book I am very conflicted about. On the one hand it is a great middle grade slice of life, girl at new school story. On the other it is a quasi fantasy where our main character has a secret power. The conflict is how she deals with her power and the mean girls in her life. Raine is our thirteen year old main character with the hopeless mother who flits from [...]

    23. I read a few pages of this book one night. I loved those few pages so much that I got up the next morning at 4:00 and read the whole thing before any of my children woke up. It sucked me in right from the beginning and it was effortless to finish it straight through. As a mommy of 3 little ones, losing sleep to read a book is the ultimate compliment!Even though I have a love/hate relationship with comparing books to other books and movies, my mind just can't help but compare at times. (and that [...]

    24. I was hedging between three and four stars for this book but ended up rounding up to four because there were some great elements to the book that I really appreciated.Likes: Raine has a not-so-real "power;" the ability to see little sparkles that hold people's memories. She feel a compulsion to touch them that, for the sake of appearing normal, she tries to resist. What I appreciated was the elements of Raine's life that were all too true to life-- a mom who was absent for Raine's young childhoo [...]

    25. Cute book I was a little confused at times. All and all it turned out to have a good and happy ending

    26. Bullying has become a common every day phrase in the minds of youth and adults alike. It is a concept familiar to all and now cyber-bullying has become just as familiar, if not more so, to our youth. In The Disappearance of Emily H a young girl is harassed and bullied to the point where she fakes her own death to avoid Jennifer, the leader of a mean group of girls, and their continued abuse. Emily’s family, overcome with grieve, leaves town. Her house is rented by Raine who has the ability to [...]

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